Can a Mobile Mechanic Do Everything That a Dealership Mechanic Does?

Not Sure If You Trust Mobile Mechanics?

If you have ever thought that a mobile mechanic can’t do everything that a dealership mechanic does, then you need to think again. The following are 4 ways mobile mechanics are just as good, if not better than dealership mechanics.

Mobile mechanics can help with all your repairs

Many car owners head to the dealership where they bought their vehicle, for various maintenance needs, which include oil change, battery checks, and tire rotations. What most don’t realize is that mobile mechanics can do the same services in your driveway, and often at a lower cost.

They are prepared for even big jobs

Even though they don’t do repairs in designated workshops, mobile mechanics do carry all of the tools of their trade, in their vehicles. They also maintain good working relationships with suppliers, so they can obtain the components needed at a fair price. Thanks to their diverse training, these mechanics can work on any car, including 4WD, trucks, or standard light vehicles.

Cutting out the middleman

Normally when you call a dealership, you will invariably end up talking to either an office assistant or a salesperson, which is not helpful when you have a technical question. With mobile mechanics, you are speaking directly to the person that you need.


Most car owners know that their vehicles will suffer from problems at the least convenient times, such as the dead of night, or in the middle of rush hour. A mobile mechanic can make your life easier by coming directly to you, regardless of where you are. This hassle-free option can save you towing fees, not to mention it means one less thing to worry about when you’re already over your head in car-related stress.

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